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An easy way of cleaning your aquarium, without getting wet.

Want to clean your aquarium but don’t want to touch the dirt and germs in and around it? Get yourself a Magnetic Clean Brush!

The Magnetic Clean Brush on a hand-grip shape helps clean your aquarium using its non-abrasive tiny hooks which are being controlled by a strong magnetic force from its partner from the outside. This piece of floating equipment promotes a healthier aquarium and keeps you dry while cleaning the entire thing.


  • Easy Cleaning:
    Cleans away algae to make your aquarium stay healthy.
  • Non-Abrasive Tiny Hooks:
    Tiny hooks scrapes off the algae and dirt without damaging the glass of your aquarium, nor putting even a tiny scratch on it.
  • Strong Magnet Force:
    Powerful magnet controls the inside cleaning brush to follow the handle that’s on the outside. Even works on thick glass.
  • Hand-grip Shape:
    Unique body design is very convenient to use as you can easily grip the brush and do a hassle-free cleaning.
  • Floating Equipment:
    No need to worry about it sinking to the bottom, you can even retrieve it without getting your hands wet.
  • Stay Dry:
    Magnetic cleaning brush keeps you dry all throughout your aquarium cleaning process and keeps you out of the mess.


  • Materials: ABS
  • Size: 25mm X 37mm
  • Color: Blue, Black, White


  • 1x Magnetic Clean Brush