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CurlyCurlie™ Spray
CurlyCurlie™ Spray
CurlyCurlie™ Spray
CurlyCurlie™ Spray
CurlyCurlie™ Spray
CurlyCurlie™ Spray
CurlyCurlie™ Spray

CurlyCurlie™ Spray

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Tame Your Curls-gone-wild in Seconds!

Does your dry, frizzy hair keep you from flaunting your favorite hairstyle? With CurlyCurlie™ Revive Spray you can freely style your hair whichever way you want, enjoying hair that stays in place, yet remains soft and manageable.

CurlyCurlie™ Revive Spray is an argan oil-based, lightweight leave-in spray. It rehydrates hair, detangles and acts as a barrier against heat while reducing frizz, enhances natural curl memory and wave pattern, giving you effortless styling options for natural, flowy waves and curls, and lots of definition.


  • Achieve Bouncing curly hair:
    Spray on dry / wet hair to define your curls and hold curls in place all day!
  • Revive Curls:

    refresh, rehydrate, and reactivate dry curls after a long night's rest - without shampooing!

  • Instant Volumizing:
    Enrich, lift, and plump-up flat, dull tresses while enhancing the appearance of every strand for a fuller, thicker look
  • Frizz Control:

    Hydrates, conditions and preserves moisture in frizzy, fallen curls.

  • Works On All Hair Type:
    enhances natural wave pattern for defined, bouncy curls

  • Immediate Effect and Quick Drying: 
    Easy fine-mist spray revives the bounce in curls without rewashing

  • Flexible & Lightweight Curls:
    Soften your hair and leaves it styling manageable without product buildup & NO MATTE EFFECT.

How To Use:

  • Spray on wet or dry curls to moisturize and define.


  • Spray Color: Transparent
  • Weight: 50mL


  • 1 x CurlyCurlie™ Revive Spray